Meet the Express Auto Center Staff

Junior and Lisa - met in 1981 and have been married since 1984. Junior worked in auto body repair and came home from work one day saying he was quitting his job (making very good money at the time) to start his own business. Lisa worked for herself in insurance/investments while taking care of their 4 year-old son, Tyler. Always up for an adventure, but scared to death, they started Express Auto Center in a small 4 bay shop in 1993. Two moves and 1 daughter later, they have a 12 bay facility to take care of you and your car. Tyler graduated from JMU, receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, while working as JMU’s Network Engineer. Kaylyn has graduated from JWU, and received her Master’s from Virginia Tech for Hospitality and Tourism Management. Other than being extremely proud of their two children, Junior and Lisa love to travel especially by motorcycle. Junior rides a 2008 Harley Ultra Classic and Lisa rides a 2009 Harley Street Glide. The key to their success is to treat their customers honestly, fairly and as they would want to be treated. They are usually both at the shop, so come by and meet the boss... we’re not sure which one that is, so come meet them both.

Hubert Bailey, Sr (A.K.A. Pop, Junior’s dad) – Pop, now retired, came to work for Express Auto Center in 1995 after retiring as a big rig truck driver. After 3 months of being bored silly, he called Junior and said “Give me something to do!”. So Pop was hired as our tow truck driver, parts runner, delivery driver, courtesy shuttle driver, bank runner, test driver, back up phone receptionist, waiting room entertainer, and all around gopher (meaning anything that needs done, Pop will jump in and do it). He’s still going strong after 50 years of marriage and raising 3 kids.

Terri Hart - Terri is Lisa’s Executive Assistant and has been at the shop since 2011. She handles all of the day-to-day paperwork that Express Auto Center generates. Her background is in parts (many years ago), title insurance and she’s a trained engraver. She enjoys cross stitching and scrapbooking. With a husband, 2 boys, 2 cats, a dog (learn more about Kirby in the months that follow), a lizard, and a turtle, (Whew!) her home life is extremely hectic. That’s probably why she can handle all the guys at the shop and get everything done. Plus she always has a smile on her face and a laugh in her heart.

Steve Phillips, Service Manager - Steve comes to Express Auto Center with 5 years experience in the auto parts business and 21 in the mobile electronics arena. Happily married for 24 years and 3 kids to prove it, he has been a down home Chesterfieldian most of his life. He is an avid outdoors man that loves camping as much as possible. Racing is also in his blood through NASCAR and any racing that goes in a circle. He always has a smile and is in a great mood everyday. Steve gets the work done and keeps us laughing while doing it.

Kim Watkins, Service Advisor - Kim adds her 10 years of parts experience to our portfolio along with skills from the maintenance department at Chesterfield Airport (no, we are not adding airplanes to our resume). While she is new to the service advisor position, her enthusiasm, sparkling personality and work hard attitude has made her an asset to our team. She is married with 2 dogs and 3 grandkids. Although she is originally from Staten Island NY (we'll forgive her), she has lived in Chesterfield for 26 years and has almost lost her accent. She loves racing, both circle and straight (NASCAR and Drag Racing) and doing DIY projects. She is eager to learn and provide the best customer service possible.

Robert Hodson, Technician - Express Auto Center is so glad to have Robert on our team. He joined us after 4 years at a nationwide chain and likes our no weekend policy. As one of our lead techs, he works on all the big trucks, lifted trucks, and fleet trucks for our many customers, plus anything else we can throw at him. He's a little on the quiet side, but that usually means he's working. I think I have heard him singing along with the radio on an occasion or two. He's into the lifted truck and drives one that needs a ladder to get into (in my opinion).

Alex "Skip" Sargent, General Service - We welcome our newest and youngest tech, straight out of Chesterfield Tech Center with 2 years experience. He's completed his ASE Student Certification - MLR and is waiting for his State Inspection License. An eager learner, he assists the other techs while acquiring the knowledge to move up in his chosen field - automotive. We benefit from his positive attitude throughout the day and look forward to training him to be a Master Tech in the next few years.

Thomas Mendel, Parts Manager - During Thomas' interview, he told us he was not a smoker. But when asked about his hobbies, he said he likes to smoke!?! At our confused faces, he elaborated that he likes to smoke meats! Boston butts, whole pigs, etc. At that point we knew he would be fun to work with and he has proven that point. A great overall mechanic, with a wonderful attitude and fun to work with, we are super happy to have Thomas on our team!

Ricky Plummer, Shop Steward - Ricky works even when he's not suppose to be working! Not only does he keep Express Auto Center one of the cleanest shops around, he also watches over and runs the carwash for us on the weekends. He never stops moving, always cleaning up after the mechanics (he wouldn't even stop to take a picture). He worked for many years at the convenience store next to the carwash so everyone knows Ricky. He always has a smile on his face and in his heart. He is definitely one of the sweetest people I know. Find Ricky on Facebook, posting for Express Auto Center!

Chris Lamont, Technician - Chris comes to Express Auto Center as a Master Technician. His background includes dealerships, small local shops and nationwide chains. He loves working on cars, likes to teach our customers about maintenance and keeping your car running well for the long term. Drag racing is a passion, as is 4 wheeling with his kids and teaching the younger generation how to get things done in the shop. He's a joker and loves a sarcastic comeback to keep us laughing.

Rick Amadeo, Technician - Rick brings a love of diesels and transmission work to our Express Auto Center team. His background includes a local dealership, but finds more of a challenge with the variety of vehicles and types of work we have here. He's on the quiet side so you never really know what he's thinking, but he doesn't mind getting dirty under the big trucks. Rick is also an up and coming technician on his way to Master Tech.

If you’ve ever been in our waiting area and heard loud thumps, bumps, and growls coming from above, it’s not Lisa having a bad day. It’s Corona and Kirby also called Salt and Pepper by some. Lisa rescued Corona in 2006 after her beloved Piggy passed away and Terri brings Kirby in to keep Corona company. Kirby is seven and loves to wrestle, so Corona hides under Lisa’s desk when she’s had enough playtime. Express Auto Center is “pet friendly” and if you’d ever like to visit with Corona or Kirby, just have a service advisor call upstairs. We’ll be right down!

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